Our Equipment and machineries

Stamping and Pressing equipment: over 100 units of CNC turret punching machines, CNC benders, lathing machines, drilling machines, hydraulic pressing equipment, pressing, stamping equipment from 5 to 800 tons, performing different jobs of cold pressing and deep drawing, punching,  stamping, CNC bending, and cutting for sophisticated items. These machineries are aided by numbers of multi-functioned CNC machine centers.  LeGroup has succeeded in synchronizing handling robots with stamping machines to assure of stable quality and high speed of stamping/ pressing jobs.

Metal sheet CNC bending machines: aided by the latest and the most state-of-the-art version of CNC metal sheet benders, built of high-rigidity frame and hybrid system, LeGroup is performing the world’s highest speed and accuracy in bending of thin to thick materials, with complexity and variety of bend angles. 

Laser cutting equipment: with the most updated technology in laser cutting, using innovative fiber laser technology, LeGroup can perform different laser cutting jobs for various products from the light-gauge to medium-gauge thickness range (from 0.3m to 12mm) at high speed.

Welding equipment: superb welding technique is one of our company’s strengths of expertise, with nearly 100 units of robotic, automatic and semi-automatic PLASMA, MIC, TIG, Spot, and Seam welding equipment – to perform the most sophisticated jobs for various products and application.

Steel rim production line: automatic, sophisticated, which can produce high and consistent quality steel rims for motorbikes.

Automatic 3 Ni – Cr circular plating line: totally automatic, applying technology of “high sulfur”, producing top quality for plating products for industrial use, even in tough weather condition in tropical seaside areas, resistant to the CASS test of 24 hours. 

CNC machine centers for molds/ dies, jigs: CNC machining centers, sophisticated wire-cut electrical discharge molding equipment, CNC lathing center, to make single or progressive, integrated dies, combined, rotating jigs and other tooling for stamping, and welding jobs. 

From March 2017, LeGroup Pressing/ Stamping workshop operations are aided by Industry 4.0 system from Bosch Rexroth.

The whole WIP products and components within the production line is aided by automatic conveyor system.


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